About Ingénue Coquette

iclogoIngénue Coquette (Formerly myCosmeticBag) is an award-winning beauty, fashion, tech, and health blog ran by Chrissy, a nerdy designer and web developer with one guilty pleasure: Makeup!

Who is Chrissy?

Chrissy is a “full-stack” web developer and designer from Boston, Massachusetts and currently based in Houston, Texas with over 10 years in the web tech industry. By day, she works for an award-winning ad agency as their Senior Front-End Developer. By night, she writes for Ingénue Coquette, bringing readers beauty and fashion advice, and sharing her experience as a designer and programmer as well as her unique perspective on love, life, and sex.

Sending Products to Ingénue Coquette

Got a product you want us to try? We’re happy to accept any beauty product samples to review on Ingenue Coquette. We’ll do our best to provide our honest opinion as well as inform our readers about the benefits of your products. Contact us and let us know what kind of product you’d like to send us. Read some of our product reviews to get a taste of what we can offer.

We love running contests and giving away free products to our readers. If you’d like to sponsor one of our contests or giveaways, we would love to speak with you! Sponsoring a contest or giveaway may be the perfect way to promote your brand or product. We’ll do our best to inform our readers about what you can offer.


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