Senna Cosmetics Brow Shaper Duo and Double Brow Brush

It’s a daily struggle to tame my eyebrows in the morning. I feel like my hair grows faster than it really should and I’m always having to get them waxed. But more often than not, I tend to procrastinate and I just lazily tweeze them once in a while. So, needless to say, the shape of my brows needs a little work, and I just hadn’t fallen in love with a brow shaping product yet.

Luckily, I received a couple products from Senna Cosmetics in my  blogger gift bag from The Makeup Show NYC. The first product is the Senna Cosmetics Brow Shaper Duo, and the second is their Double Brow Brush.  They actually gave me all three shades of the Brow Shaper Duo, in Blonde, Brunette, and Ebony. I have dark hair that’s not quite black, so I chose to use Brunette, and I actually gave the other two to my sister. One one side of the duo is their brow pomade, while on the other side is the brow color.

The brow color from Brunette seems to be a good match for my brows – it doesn’t look unnaturally dark and after quickly brushing through my brows with the wand of their Double Brow Brush, I used the other small angled side of the brush and was able to apply an even line pretty easily. The pomade is what gave me my ‘wow’-moment, it helped blend the color even further and really define the fine end of my brow. After giving my brows another once-over with the wand, my brows had never looked so good, outside of getting them professionally done.


On the left is from an older fotd where I’ve done my eyebrows the way I’ve normally done them in the past. On the left is my most recent fotd using the Senna Brow Shaper Duo. Historically, I’ve stuck to just using a neutral grey-ish brown eyeshadow with a small angled brush but was never able to get the end of my brow as perfectly defined as they look after using my new Senna Brow Shaper Duo, without making it look like sharpie-city.

The only thing I dislike about this product is that the pomade gets a little dirty because I use the same brush for the brow color as I do for the pomade. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but it just looks dirty and to be honest, it just bothers me for no good reason.

To speak a little about the brush since there’s not much to say – I think this brush is pretty perfect, not only because it’s multi-functional, but I especially like the small angled side because its very fine. I’ve used other brushes that are a bit thicker or more coarse, and they dont produce as fine a like as I’d like. I don’t like to just draw one thick line that gets thinner at the end – I try to make it look more natural by drawing small lines in the direction of my natural hair growth, if that makes sense.

Both products are available at for $20.00 each – I think it’s a tad bit expensive for what it is. But if you can reconcile with the price, I’d recommend the Senna Cosmetics Brow Shaper Duo and Double Brow Brush to anyone who has a hard time with their eyebrows, like I do. It really makes filling in my brows a very easy process, and I love how my brows look after.

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