• FOTD: Emerald Pretty

    I did this makeup to get ready for a date, and I also wanted to try some new products I had bought before I left Boston, including the Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow palette from Tarina Tarantino. Full portrait after the jump.

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  • Independence Day FOTD: Athena

    Excuse my tired face; I’ve had a really long day but I really wanted to get this Independence Day FOTD done tonight, and I know Anisha’s got one ready too!… Read More

  • FOTD: Lilaea

    TA-DA!! I’ve officially broken my Sugarpill virginity with the new-ish Heartbreaker palette! This look was actually very quick to do, on account of the eyeshadow being so easy to work… Read More

  • FOTD: Purple Yellow Magic

    So, I spent entirely too long on this look because I wanted to use these new falsies I got in my goodie bag from TMS, but I didn’t have any… Read More

  • FOTD: Plum Envy

    This is just a simple eye look I did to try out my new Egon Schiele eyeshadow in Plum Envy, which I used all over my top and bottom lid.… Read More

  • FOTD: Quick and Easy

    This is the look I sported at The Makeup Show blogger preview event. I completely overslept that morning and showed up an hour late so I have no idea what… Read More

  • FOTD: Blue Crush

    So I did this while getting ready to go dancing on Friday night, but then we ended up just getting dinner and then went to see the Avengers instead. So… Read More

  • FOTD: Flash of Gold Smokey Eye

    Today I really wanted to try using gold eyeshadow as a liner. Originally I was going to do kind of a sea blue eye, but then opted to go with… Read More

  • FOTD: Hard Rock Pixie

    So, I must have come back from IMATS inspired or something, because I never go this over-the-top. Also, I desperately need to get my eyebrows threaded. Beauty in the Breakdown… Read More

  • FOTD: Gingerbread Latte

    This is one of my every day looks (pretty much what I’ve been sporting for the past couple months), but I thought it would be interesting to see what it… Read More

  • Zoya – Kym

    Here’s a color I still haven’t taken off my nails – I present to you Zoya’s Nail Polish in Kym. Zoya describes Kym as an “antique copper base with gold,… Read More