Blingtone Eyeshadows from myface cosmetics

I’m finally reviewing these Blingtone Eyeshadow singles from myface cosmetics, which has been my favorite eyeshadow for the past two years. I got my first Blingtone through Beauty Army, in sp”ice”y, and I used it every day for a year. Literally. I still use it a lot in my today (just check my past FOTD’s!). I kept wanting to buy more shades – especially after watching Kabuki use one in Caribbean Queen in his “Extreme Glamour” demo at IMATS NYC this year – but I procrastinated for no real reason.

Kabuki's Extreme Glamour Demo at IMATS NY 2012

Finally, a couple weeks ago I was unpacking some more makeup after my move to Texas and found ANOTHER Blingtone that I got from Beauty Army that was still wrapped up in pink tissue paper. This time, I received Purple Haze, which is basically my new favorite purple eyeshadow of all time. I have no idea why I’m just realizing that I’ve had this eyeshadow for months – I think I might have left my job previous job the day I received this package in the mail (I used to get all my packages delivered to the office) and just didn’t have time to look at everything I’d received. Needless to say, this was a very pleasant surprise.

After I fell in love with Blingtones from myface again, I actually went online and bought three more in Black Ice, Crystalline Green, and Bellbottom Blues. Yes, I’m officially obsessed.

I’ve tried to describe this eyeshadow so many times, but the best thing I can think of is something Kabuki actually said during his demo – this eyeshadow basically applies like some sort of grease. When it comes on, it doesn’t look powdery or overly glittery – it just looks like shiny, sparkly, grease. They’re so easy to use, and you can really build color with them. I can’t even keep talking about this. so let me just move onto what you’re all looking for anyway: pics!

I think my favorite shade has to be Bellbottom Blues – it’s the most pigmented of the bunch, and is a really nice deep blue. Crystalline Green and Purple Haze  are not as pigmented as the rest but you can build color with them, like I said, and end up with a brilliant emerald green and purple. Black Ice was kind of the same deal – not pure black because of all the shimmer, but if you keep dabbing on enough you can get a really sexy and smoldering smokiness to it. I didn’t include a picture of sp”ice”y because I already de-potted and put it in my UNII palette. It’s my all-time favorite brown… it’s kind of a cinnamon-y brown that reminds me of all the colors of Autumn. I love pairing it with my Golden Copper pigment from Cailyn Cosmetics.

Blingtone single eyeshadows are available on for $20 each, which I think is reasonable considering the color payoff – you actually don’t need a lot because a little goes a long way, especially for daytime looks where you don’t need so much color. I used it in my Asteria FOTD and there was literally NO fallout whatsoever.

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