Cargo EyeLighter Eye Brightening Stick

Stela purchased this a couple days ago and after borrowing it today, I was convinced that I had to buy my own. The Cargo EyeLighter is a double-sided eye brightening stick that has a blunt sponge applicator on one end and a pointed sponge applicator on the other. This product is great if you’re like me and you tend to rub the corners of your eyes due to contacts or allergies. Whenever I do that, I always rub off the eyeshadow I used to highlight those parts of my eyes. With the Cargo EyeLighter, I can easily store it in my purse for a quick touch-up during the day.

The Cargo EyeLighter comes in three different shades: Pink, White, and Gold. Personally, I always lean towards gold and copper eyeshadow as my base so the gold EyeLighter seemed like a perfect fit. The white seemed like it would be a bit too chalky for my taste. To apply, just use the blunt end to highlight the inner corner of your eye, going over it once or twice. Then use the end with the pointed applicator to highlight the outer corner of your lid. You can also use the pointed tip, which uses the matte eyeshadow, to highlight just under your brows and your lower lash line. This is a simple and quick way to widen and really bring out your eyes. Remember that every eye is different so you’ve got to experiment a little to learn which areas of your eye will compliment your look best by highlighting.

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