Egon Schiele Plum Envy Eyeshadow

Yet another freebie I got at The Makeup Show NYC was this Plum Envy Eyeshadow from Egon Schiele – another brand I wasn’t too familiar with. They had a pretty decently sized assortment of products displayed at their booth when I approached them, but when they said I could choose any one product to take home for free, I just knew I had to snag one of their eyeshadows in my favorite muted lavender. If you’ve ever been in my apartment, you know that I’m in love with this grey-purple – it’s the color of my bedroom walls, my towels, one of my rugs, a bunch of my clothes, but this is actually the first makeup product I have in this shade!

This mineral eyeshadow is very pigmented – I didn’t need to use much of it to get the color to ring true. What you see in the pan is what ends up on your lid. I was able to apply it to my lid without any fallout, and it blended well without turning muddy, like some purple eyeshadows can do. I swatched it on my hand, and also created a quick look with it. (I used Cailyn Cosmetics Copper Cocoa Shimmer Powder in my crease, in case you were wondering).

I also really like the packaging, which as a designer, I’m a sucker for. It looks modern and contemporary at the same time – I didn’t even want to depot it to add to my new UNII Makeup Palette. Enjoy some more photos, including a few that I snapped of their booth at The Makeup Show NYC 2012:

For those of you who haven’t heard of this company before, they are a mineral makeup brand inspired by the art of Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele who painted sensual portraits in the World War 1 era. You can find out more about them on their website, where their Plum Envy eyeshadow is available for $16.

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