Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream – 11 Gold

I have been purchasing a lot of shimmery cream shadows lately – I love using them because they stay on all day and I can skip using an eye primer. They’re so easy to work with. Most of the time, I just use my finger to apply it directly to my lid. So, I’ll be reviewing a lot of cream shadows in the next couple weeks. First up is MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream in 11 Gold.

When I first swatched 11 Gold at Sephora, I was ecstatic about the color. I have a lot of gold eyeshadows but mostly on the warmer side. So, this more neutral, slighty cool gold is a great addition to my arsenal, and it looks really great with my complexion too. As with most cream shadows, MUFE’s Aqua creams are super pigmented and long lasting. I wore this all day and into the evening without any creasing or fading. Since I used it as an all-over base/primer for my eyes, my other shadow and eyeliner didn’t move all day either!

One concern I did have when buying this was the tendency for cream shadows to completely dry out after only a few uses. But I do have a bad habit of leaving things uncovered all over my bathroom counter. Just ask my sister. Actually this doesn’t even apply only to makeup, I also leave bags of chips open, as well as baby wipes… I have a real problem, haha. But, I have used a few products that have dried out pretty quickly even when I did make a point to keep them closed. Anisha also had this problem with her INGLOT gel liners.

Well I learned a trick a while back that I never got to put to use – you should store cream and gel products upside down, because the moisture sinks to the bottom. So if the container is upside down, then the moisture will travel to the top of the product! Make sense? And what do you know… it worked! My MUFE Aqua Cream is still in perfect condition. (So far… I will keep you posted if anything changes).

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream is available in a multitude of shades on Sephora for $23. I honestly think it’s a bit pricey, but I could also say that’s true about the entire brand. Do I think it’s worth it, though? Absolutely. You’ll get A LOT of usage out of Aqua Cream, and MUFE has a reputation for being one of the highest quality brands.

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