Clarins Blush Prodige in Miami Pink

I’m a big fan of mixing and blending blush colors in order to find that “just right” shade. Plus, I think the color can often look more natural that way, since skin rarely flushes in a single shade, right?

But lately I haven’t had the time (or haven’t wanted to make time) for careful color selection and blending — I’ve been lucky just to get some color on my face before I have to fly out the door! Which is why I began the search for a cheek color that had already done all the work for me.

What I found was a perfect fit: Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour. Like a mini palette, the compact holds a mosaic of subtly different yet complementary shades in different finishes, designed to add some depth to the color after you apply it, and to give your skin a little bit of a glow. Plus, each compact is small enough to travel easily, and even contains a miniature brush of surprisingly good quality (super soft and grabs the product well).

The Blush Prodige currently comes in six shades: Soft Peach, Miami Pink, Lovely Rose, Rose Wood, Sunset Coral, and Spicy Mocha. Steering myself away from the browner shades and the pastel shades, I decided on the rosy Miami Pink, thinking it would be the most versatile, everyday kind of color. And wow, did I make the right choice.

The subtle differences in the shades are genius, because this blush seems to magically go with everything — and I mean clothes and makeup. If I’m wearing a top that’s red, then the red in the Miami Pink starts to come through a bit more. And if I’m wearing a dress that’s pink, then likewise, my cheeks look more pinkish. I love it, because it means I can spend just a little less time thinking about which shade is going to be perfect on days I need to dash and yet still feel and look mostly pulled together.

In addition to the versatile Miami Pink shade, I give the product’s formula my stamp of approval. I like applying a powder that doesn’t make me feel like I’m applying a powder (if you know what I mean), and the Prodige Blush is silky, light and goes on ultra-smooth for a really natural, flattering look. And the tiny bit of shine Clarins has mixed in is just the right amount. I don’t like a lot of sparkle, but this blush stops long before “I’m going to a disco” and leaves things at “Oh, I just woke up and went for my daily jog.” And hey, any time a blush can help make me look even the tiniest bit more well rested and well exercised, I’ll take it!

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