Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation and Setting Powder

Last weekend, I was graciously invited to an intimate breakfast hosted by Dermablend for beauty bloggers and editors to get introduced to their line of medium to full coverage makeup. (I’m going to recap the event first, so if you just want to get to the product review, skip down towards the end.) The event took place at the Lincoln Restaurant in New York City, and since I was there that weekend for HBA Global, I was more than happy to attend. It was a hot day that Saturday; almost 100 degrees and so humid, it felt like I was walking through a sea of molasses. So, I was already worried about how well my makeup would hold up.

I arrived about 20 minutes early due to some miscalculations on travel time from Long Island, and so I sat patiently waiting for the Dermablend crew to finish setting up the space. It was very interesting for me to observe them at work, carefully displaying the products on each table to “tell a story” as I heard one Dermablend associate explain to another. Once other bloggers and editors started to arrive, I mingled a bit, watched their promotional video featuring the infamous “Zombie Boy,” and ate some breakfast. Once we were all settled into our seats and had our food and drinks in front of us, Renee Mininni, Assistant VP of Marketing for Dermablend addressed all of us about the brand’s background and products, as well as their work with Zombie Boy to create their award winning video.

Then, professional makeup artist Jose Parron demonstrated the product for us, showing us how long-lasting the Smooth Indulgence Foundation and Leg and Body Cover was, even dipping his hand in water after applying product to it. The product did NOT move, even after he dried his hand with a towel. The Leg and Body Cover also completely covered up one girl’s tattoo (which none of us even noticed until he surprised us by wiping the product off with a little makeup remover). I asked about the price point and was pretty satisfied to learn that their products mostly fall between $20-35 which is consistent with most high-end brands, like MAC. Dermablend was generous enough to give all of the attendees a large bag of full-sized samples, and I was extremely happy because I’ve been on the search for a new foundation to cover my adult-acne.

I left breakfast and went directly to HBA Global, and while my makeup wasn’t melting off my face just yet, I had some acne scars that were still visible no matter how much product I put on it. So, while I was in the taxi, I decided to give Dermablend a shot. I applied some of the foundation and setting powder on top of the affected area on my cheek, and I was happy to see that the scars were almost completely invisible. I knew I would have to test it out on clean skin, since I didn’t know how the makeup I’d already been wearing would affect Dermablend’s formula.

I’ve been using my new Dermablend products all week, and I am absolutely ecstatic to share some of these pics with you. I really didn’t want to put a full face of makeup on for pictures, so I used it to cover a huge scar I have on the back of my hand. I ran my hand under water so you could all see the incredible staying power of this foundation when used with the setting powder. This is the ideal product for summer since I can wear it to the beach without worrying about going into the water and it also has SPF-20. You can see that when I use flash, the product is a tad lighter than my skin, but my hand is actually a bit tanner than my face, and I bronze and contour a lot so it balances out in the end. I was actually surprised that the Soft Beige shade worked so well with my skin tone, because when the Dermablend PR rep asked me to pick a shade from their line, I couldn’t really tell from the picture she sent me, so I just picked whatever looked medium-fair. Not only does Soft Beige match my medium-fair complexion, but it also matches my yellow undertones. I’ve always had difficulty finding a foundation that doesn’t make my face look red in comparison with my neck.

I’ve worn my Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation coupled with the Dermablend Setting Powder for about 14 hours before I eventually started noticing some SLIGHT inconsistency around my t-zone area where I’m prone to be oily. 14 hours! I’ve known foundations to only last about 3 to 4 hours before it’s literally melting off my face. This foundation was also reformulated to feel less heavy on your skin than most formulas with this much coverage. In fact, I barely feel it but that could be just because I’m used to that heavy feeling on my skin every day and this is only a relief in comparison. It’s very easily blendable and highly pigmented, so a little goes a really long way. I am extremely happy with my new Dermablend Foundations. As someone who struggles with adult-acne, I can actually say that I feel a lot more confident going out when I’m wearing Dermablend.

Other products that I received in my gift bag were a huge tube of Leg and Body Cover and small tube of Tattoo Primer. The Leg and Body Cover is more or less the same as the foundation, only in a a tube about three times the size, fuller coverage, and SPF-15 rather than 20. You can use it in combination with the Tattoo Primer to cover any size of body art (as seen in the Zombie Boy video above) or you can use it alone to cover imperfections such as scars and stretch marks.

I’m really interested in trying out their concealer, so I might try and get my hands on some next. I’m planning to stick with the Dermablend brand for a long time, and I’d encourage anyone to give them a shot too!

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  • Kimberly Murray Purcell

    June 27, 2012 at 1:35 am

    That commercial blew me away when I first saw it. I used Dermablend for a short while. I worked at a dr's office and the […] Read MoreThat commercial blew me away when I first saw it. I used Dermablend for a short while. I worked at a dr's office and the manager got on a tangent that tattoos couldn't be visitable. I have a tiny one on my ankle, so when I wore a skirt or dress, I used this. Didn't rub off until I washed it off. It does work like they say. :) Read Less

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