Highlighter: 7 Uses for 1 Stellar Beauty Product

Highlighter is a great addition to any makeup routine. It’s a cosmetic product designed to add luminosity to the face when light hits it. If you use it strategically, it can brighten your complexion and play up your favorite facial features. Avoid highlighter with a lot of sparkles or glitter, unless you want to twinkle like one of the vamps from Twilight. Though dramatic use of highlighter can be very striking in photography or out at a club, most the time, it looks best when it appears natural. I use a combination of highlighter and bronzer to contour my face, and by the end of my morning routine, my face is like an optical illusion!

Here are 7 ways this versatile product can enhance your beauty.

1. Eliminate Dark Circles

I work a full time job, and most days I come home and work some more, and I rarely get enough sleep… So, sometimes concealer just isn’t doing the trick in the morning. Just a few dots of highlighter can dramatically help decrease the appearance of dark circles. Concentrate the highlighter where discoloration is most obvious and blend well. Your eyes will look more awake in seconds.

2. Enhance Cheekbones

A bit of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones helps make them look more sharp and defined. The subtle shimmer in the product also gives your skin extra glow. I use a large fan brush to sweep the product on.

3. Enlarge lips

Use a small brush to line the peaks of your upper lips with highlighter. This trick not only leaves you with the appearance of plumper lips, but it also makes your pout look more defined. Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen is a good option for this one.

4. Narrow Nose

Sweep highlighter down the middle of your nose – from the bridge all the way to the tip. You’ll be surprised how sculpted and narrow your nose will look, and you’ll think twice about getting that nose-job, after you try this easy (and way less expensive) solution!

5. Enlarge Eyes

Pat some highlighter just under your eyebrow. Immediately, your eyes will stand out, looking larger and brighter. Another way to enlarge eyes is to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. This step opens the eyes and makes them appear wider, giving you that bright-eyed look.

Try the TEMPTU RETOUCH Highlighter for the next two tips:

6. Downplay Facial Width

If you have a round face like I do, highlighter can help draw attention to the center of your face, which downplays your face’s width. Highlight the center of your forehead and directly under your eyes. This focuses attention on the middle of your face.

7. Broaden Your Chin

A touch of highlighter on the chin immediately makes it appear broader. Use a fluffy brush and sweep the product side to side on your chin. This step is useful for anyone who wants to widen a pointy chin.

Highlighter is a diverse beauty tool that should be in everyone’s makeup bag. With so many uses, it’s great for everyone, and can easily be customized to suit your face. If you’re looking to transform your face without piling on makeup, highlighter is a must buy.


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