Shea Oil: User Feedback

Awhile ago, I blogged about Shea Oil and how much I loved it. I recommended to a friend and she recently gave us some feedback regarding her experience with Shea Oil.

I was in search of a new facial moisturizer. I was using Seaweed Mattifying moisturizer from the Body Shop for 4 years. The Body Shop increased the price on it from $12 to $18 so I wanted a change.

I have combination skin but more on the dry side. I decided to try Shea Oil since a dear friend of mine loved it so much. I used it for 4 weeks. At first I didn’t like it because it felt heavy on my face. It had a nice smell so I gave it a chance. After 2 weeks into it, I noticed my face was shiny and oily. I was breaking out more and more. I stopped using Shea Oil after 4 weeks and switched to Oil of Olay but that didn’t last very long either. It was also too heavy and oily.

After 2 months in trying to find the perfect, right facial moisturizer and dealing with breaks out, I decided to go and get a facial at Jack Winn’s salon in Newport Beach. The esthetician there scolded me about Shea Oil and Oil of Olay. She said the products we’re bad and should never use it. She said Shea Oil wasn’t hydrating my skin. It was clogging my pore and causing more break outs. Being a skeptic as I am, I thought she was just trying to push the salon products on me. It worked because I walked out of there with $200 worth of Sircuit skin care products along with other organic products from Mother’s Market to try.

Anyway after 4 weeks of using Sircuit skin care and drinking Aloe Vera, my skin seems to be back to its normal self. I love the moisturizer. It’s has SPF, very light and smells like vanilla. The con is that it comes in a tiny bottle and cost $62. It’s a bit expensive but since it has improved my face just in time for my wedding. It’s worth the price. 🙂

— Sophie

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