Youngblood Cosmetics Luminous Creme Blush – Pink Cashmere

Youngblood Minereal Cosmetics sent me some amazing products last week, which I got to test out during my trip to New York for The Makeup Show (which I’ll post about soon). The product that really stuck out for me was their Luminous Cream Blush, and they happened to send me the perfect color for my complexion – a new shade called Pink Cashmere!

This creme-textured blush comes on really easily – I used my MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Brush and applied it directly on my cheek bones, blending it into my temple area (picture below). It was amazingly easy to blend out so that it looked very natural against my skin. Pink Cashmere is this carnation pink that I think would look great with any skin tone – even someone as olive skinned as Anisha. I’ve been using this product every day since I got it – I was in New York last weekend and then from there I went directly to Vermont for the rest of the week. I just got a new job so it was really important for me to make a good first impression. When I’m at work I don’t like to wear makeup that’s too dramatic, so Pink Cashmere was perfect because it looked very natural on me.


The lighting in my hotel bathroom gave off this sort of orange cast in the above photo, but you can still see that the blush just kind of shines through my natural skintone, rather than sitting on top of it unnaturally. Since I don’t like any shimmer on my face, I was very glad that they sent me such a matte color. When I wear blush, I like it to look like I just came inside from the cold or I just went for a jog. You’ll notice I don’t wear it directly on the apples of my cheeks because my face is pretty round in some angles, so doing that would only accentuate its roundness.

Youngblood is releasing Pink Cashmere along with another shade called ┬áPlum Satin which is supposed to be a rose-berry shade with just a hint of shimmer, on June 1st. The two new shades will be available on for $27 – but if you can’t wait till then, I encourage you to check out their other shades. I might pick up a couple too!

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