I hate my haircut

Since this is a blog, I’m going to take some time out from reviews and FOTDs to whine about the fact that I hate my haircut. I know it’s just hair and when it grows out, it’ll look great. But I’m going on a trip this weekend and now I’m going to have to deal with styling this craptastic haircut while I’m in Dallas.

I walked into a salon I’ve never been to, based on its glowing yelp reviews, and brought a picture of MYSELF with a haircut I know looks good on me and explained to the stylist how I wanted it… in detail. I really don’t think I could have made this woman’s life any easier. And yet…

I have an extremely round face – so I can’t handle hair that is too short on the sides. Actually, I can’t handle short hair at all. I wanted my hair to stay long all around so that it boxed my face in and made it look slimmer. As soon as the stylist started layering the sides with a razor, I even complained and said she was starting too high, and that I wanted to keep everything very long, and she just nodded and ignored me. I figured, yknow what, she’s the professional so maybe it won’t end up the way I’m already thinking it will. NO. It ended up exactly how I thought it would. When I mentioned that it looked too short, she told me that the back is still long and pulled the back layers over my shoulder so I could see. I was just like..uhh…okay.

I’m not sure why I didn’t just tear her a new one right there. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why every hair stylist I’ve dealt with tells me that the BACK of my hair is as long as I wanted it to be? WHO is looking at the back of my head? Please explain that to me. Isn’t the whole point to frame my face? Since when is my face in the back? NEWSFLASH, when a girl tells you they want their hair a certain length, they are showing you the length from the FRONT of their head, not from the BACK so maybe you should take that into consideration.

Not to mention, that I brought her a picture of MYSELF with the haircut I wanted. It’s not like I brought her a picture of JLo and expected her to work magic. She cut too much of my bangs too… it’s hard to explain but I wish she would have left some of the sides of my bangs alone, or cut them longer, so that my bangs were narrower in the middle. Now my head looks extra round,and even when it grows out it’s going to be difficult to fix. I was actually awake most of the night thinking about how much I hate my haircut and wondering if I could afford extensions, just on the sides, to fill it out a bit.

I actually was waffling on getting my hair cut like this again because I don’t personally know any good hair stylists in the area where I just moved, and it’s very easy to screw up this haircut. My previous hairstyle was just whatever – my hair is naturally wavy, so I get some volume from that and I can style it naturally. With this haircut, I feel I have to straighten it all the time or else I look like I just walked out of a pageant. So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cut it this way again, but a lot of people kept telling me I looked great with this haircut before. I’m thinking about just cutting my own hair from now on. I cut my sister’s hair recently and she gets a lot of compliments from her customers. I guess I’m just going to have to wait a few weeks and hope that it gets better after it grows out a bit.

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