The Great Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle


The roaring 20’s was the epitome of glam and glitz. Everything down to the shoes and makeup was elegant and polished. This step-by-step hair tutorial is for you ladies who are going to a Gatsby themed party or just love this look in general. I hope you enjoy! And definitely watch The Great Gatsby in theaters to see the 20’s style come alive!

A special thanks to Victoria Chu, Web Design Intern for Alchemy Innovations, for the graphic design.


1. Style Hair into a side part

2. Bring elastic headband over head and pull back of the elastic down.

3. Grabe hair into a ponytail.

4. Fold hair over the elastic and tuck hair around the elastic

5. Pull hair evenly on both sides of the band.

And you’re all done!

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  • Rebecca Dubick

    August 2, 2013 at 12:18 am

    I love everything inspired by The Great Gatsby!

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