How to: Geek Chic Nail Art

It’s time to let your inner geek out! We are excited to share this super adorable nail art with you! And it’s easy to do with the help of our step by step tutorial. And a special thanks to Victoria Chu, Web Design Intern for Alchemy Innovations, for the graphic design.



1. PLAID NAILS: Use a black fine liner, such as Orly Instant Artist or Nail Selection Fine Liner to draw several diagonal lines.

2. Draw vertical lines in the opposite direction. Let it dry. With grey fine liner draw diagonal lines in-between the black lines.

To create a grey color, mix black and white liner on a paper plate. Remember, working with acrylic fine liners is like working with watercolors. They are fun to mix!

Apply 2 big dots and 2 smaller dots to create geek glasses and mustache.

3. With a fine-tipped brush (purchase from an art store or use an eyeliner brush) pull out the corners to create two swooping lines from the dots. Add two smaller white dots for the glass.

4. Connect the larger dots with black liner to create the glasses. Add a tiny white dot in the center or the side of the white dot (depending on where you want the geek to look at). Hair, hats, bowties, iphone etc. optional. Finish with fast drying topcoat.

Good Luck and be sure to share your Geek Chic nail creation with us!

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