How To: Vintage Nail Art

There’s something about vintage that’s beautiful. Maybe it’s because they always looks like they have a story to tell? Or that it has such a timeless feel to it? We are inspired by vintage so we wanted to bring you a nail art tutorial that embodies that classy feel and look.tut_vintage

And a special thanks to Victoria Chu, Web Design Intern for Alchemy Innovations, for the graphic design.


1. Choose a vintage color polish and apply 2 coats of color. I recommend icy blue, dusty pink, lemon yellow and mint green.

With a white fine liner, such as ORLY Instant Artist, hold the brush flat and draw straight lines down the nail. (Most fine liners are made out of acrylic paint. Not happy with your design? Simply take it off with a cotton ball dipped in water and wipe it off.)

2. Use a dotting tool to create roses. Apply 2 dots of pink or red and a dot of white in the middle. Quickly swirl the dots together. (No dotting tool? Try to make dots with spaghetti, office clip or a toothpick.)

3. Place white and green colors for leaves on a paper plate and dip the dotting tool into white then green at the same time. Paint leave-shapes on the side of the roses.

4. Finish with a topcoat.

Hope you guy’s enjoy this!

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  • Jenny Lang

    July 3, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! (:

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