IMATS NYC 2012 Makeup Galore! (Part 1)

For my first time at IMATS, I was totally blown away by all the beautiful and talented people, all there to celebrate their common passion for makeup. I had the privilege of meeting respected figures in the industry, like Khuraira Musa and Shrinkle, as well as super talented MUAs from around the world – some of which I’ll be interviewing for MCB in the coming weeks.

I was able to get my hands on a press pass for IMATS this weekend; That was great because, immediately when I walked in I heard someone say that tickets were totally sold out. After I got my neat-o lanyard press badge thingy, I headed to the exhibitor floor.

I’m going to break up my coverage of all the exhibitors into two or three posts, just so I can get some of it up faster.


Here are some of my pictures and observations from the many brands that were exhibiting at IMATS.


The first thing I saw at the Graftobian booth was their new Glamour Grip Beauty Sponge, in varying colors. I definitely noticed, not only at Graftobian but with other brands as well, that more and more variations of the Beauty Blender have been sprouting up. I even bought a generic Essence of Beauty sponge from CVS last week, that I love. Graftobian’s sells for $14.99 regularly, but at the show they were selling them for just $10!

Jesse’s Girl

Jesse’s Girl had a ton of nail polish on display at their booth – I immediately thought Anisha and Stela would be in heaven if they were there. I also thought $4 for a 9  piece eyeshadow palette was a GREAT steal. I loved their packaging.


Royal and Langnickel

Royal and Langnickel of course had an amazing array of brushes at awesome IMATS discounted prices. I actually bought two of the 13-Piece Brush Essential Sets for my sister, Quynh, and I, but then came back on Sunday to snag another for my other sister, Marlene. They were selling for $25 at IMATS, which is a HUGE steal, considering you would normally get like 2 to 3 single brushes for $25. I’ll review the brushes sometime next week, because they are AMAZING.

 Khuraira Cosmetics

I had the absolute privilege of speaking to the president and founder of Khuraira Cosmetics, Khuraira Musa. She talked about some of her most popular products, but what really stuck out to me was the Dark Circle primer, which also doubles as a treatment. I actually picked up one for myself and another for my sister the next day. I’m going to write a longer post just for Khuraira once I go through the sound-bites I took on my phone.

 This wraps up Part 1 – I’ll hopefully have Part 2 up by tomorrow!



Christina Pham Christina Pham

Chrissy is a programmer and web designer based in Houston, Texas with a passion for beauty and cosmetics. mySQL book in one hand and mascara wand in the other, she writes about her experience as a beauty and fashion-crazed material girl living in a world of ones and zeros.

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