• Quicky Vampire Look

    I was originally supposed to be a sexy sailor this halloween, but I spilled some food on my costume. So, I threw together a vampire look in about 20 minutes,… Read More

  • FOTD: Valfreyja

    Black and gold are always so beautiful together and works on virtually everyone - I love it paired with a classic cat-eye. More pics and product list after the jump! Read More

  • Blingtone FOTD: Asteria

    Finally, a new FOTD! I am so in love with my Blingtone eyeshadows from myface cosmetics, I wanted to show you how great they look when applied. Make sure you check out all the pics, after the jump! Read More

  • FOTD: Emerald Pretty

    I did this makeup to get ready for a date, and I also wanted to try some new products I had bought before I left Boston, including the Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow palette from Tarina Tarantino. Full portrait after the jump. Read More

  • Independence Day FOTD: Athena

    Excuse my tired face; I’ve had a really long day but I really wanted to get this Independence Day FOTD done tonight, and I know Anisha’s got one ready too!… Read More

  • FOTD: Lilaea

    TA-DA!! I’ve officially broken my Sugarpill virginity with the new-ish Heartbreaker palette! This look was actually very quick to do, on account of the eyeshadow being so easy to work… Read More

  • Bamboozled by Mary Kay

    WARNING: This is an extremely long post! I’ve been debating whether or not I should post about my recent experience with Mary Kay, only because it involves someone who I… Read More

  • FOTD: Purple Yellow Magic

    So, I spent entirely too long on this look because I wanted to use these new falsies I got in my goodie bag from TMS, but I didn’t have any… Read More

  • FOTD: Plum Envy

    This is just a simple eye look I did to try out my new Egon Schiele eyeshadow in Plum Envy, which I used all over my top and bottom lid.… Read More

  • UNII Makeup Palette

    I got my hands on a UNII palette in my goodie bag from The Makeup Show earlier this month, and tonight I finally got around to filling it up with… Read More