UNII Makeup Palette

I got my hands on a UNII palette in my goodie bag from The Makeup Show earlier this month, and tonight I finally got around to filling it up with some of the products I had laying around my bathroom. I’ve already obsessively de-potted all my MAC eyeshadows and put them into 5 of my MAC 15 piece eyeshadow palettes, but I obviously have a lot of products from other brands.

I like the UNII palette because it fits not only eyeshadows, but blushes; and it was ideal for me because I had a couple products that were falling out of their containers, like my new favorite Blingtone eyeshadow from myFace Cosmetics, and my Pinch Me blush from MAC. I also got to consolidate my eyeshadow and blush from Meet Mark. Another great thing about this palette is the design – it’s super cute, easy to clean, and has a latch on the front to keep it securely closed. Oh, and the huge mirror is probably the best thing about this palette, for me. I just wish there was some way to protect it from getting dirty.

Here are some pics, including a couple that I snapped at The Makeup Show NYC. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

UNII Palettes are available at uniicosmetics.com for $29, and they currently have a few deals going on right now too. I really like the lavender and pear colors, but I guess a lot of people do too because those colors are out of stock :[

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