What’s in My Cosmetic Bag: Mila Grass

I had the pleasure of meeting Mila Grass at The Makeup Show LA last month, where she had been a finalist for the Face Chart Contest. A couple nights later, after I’d added her to facebook, I was looking at her page and saw that she did eyelash extensions. I had been wanting to get mine done again for a while, so I figured I’d book an appointment… but the only time either of us was free was 10pm! So, I drove about an hour away and met her at her home office, where she was just getting back from class. That night, as she was meticulously applying my lashes, one by one,  I got to know her a bit – and she’s a super sweet person who’s extremely passionate about her artistry.

Before you go on reading the interview, take a look at this video I found on her website!

Interview with Makeup Artist: Mila Grass

Q: What’s in your cosmetic bag?
A: When Im on the go I like to keep just the basic touch up gear like whatever lip color I have on that day, a matte pressed powder, breath mints and a small perfume dispenser for quick touch ups.

Q: What made you want to become a makeup artist?
A: When I was younger my aunt used to wear this red lipstick and Id get really excited when she would give me kisses. I would smash my lips together to make sure I got some on. Her entire demeanor changed whenever she wore red lips and I liked that. I saw that she became more confidant, sexy, and beautiful. Whenever I work with my clients I see that empowering change after they have looked in the mirror and to me that is exciting. Weather its a character makeup FX, or beauty.


Photographer: An Lee


Q: What’s the most exciting aspect of your job?
A: The most exciting aspect of my job is seeing my work come to life! as a makeup artist I am only part of the puzzle but a puzzle is never complete if it is missing even the smallest piece.

Q: As a makeup artist, what keeps you up to date on the latest trends?
A: Besides getting to know what my clients want or like, going to events and working with designers and other artists is a great way to stay up on what is desired.

Q: What’s the most common mistake you see women make with their makeup?
A: I wouldn’t Necessarily say that women make mistakes with their everyday makeup. Every person was designed special none of us have the same features but we all want to play up our favorite features.


Photographer: Pat Bombard, Model: Allison Bushor


Q: In your opinion, what are the best and worst makeup trends of today?
A: Classic makeup trends will always be the best trends for any occasion. I don’t really have a worst makeup trend because I love to experiment with looks of all kinds! However, I don’t think that the overextended/overdone brow looks good on everyone.

Q: What’s the one beauty product that you simply cannot live without?
A: Hahaha! I can not live without my brow kit!

Q: Do you still use drug-store products as a professional makeup artist?
A:Of course I buy them sometimes whenever something new comes out to see what the hype is all about. But the only way you can look like the models on the celebrity endorsed packaging is if you have a great makeup artist! Hahaha

Q: What are some challenges you face on the job?
A: A few times I have had to work in pitch black darkness using only the light of my cell phone for a runway show or a film with my entire team! That was crazy but we sure pulled it off!

Q: What has your most memorable work experience been?
A: Volunteering for a homeless/battered women’s shelter in south Florida, these women were so appreciative and some of their stories have really touched my heart and opened my eyes. Not everyone has someone who allows them to feel beautiful. So my job that day was to let them look in the mirror and let them see that they are worth so much more than a million bucks. Being apart of their transformation from self doubt to self confidence was extremely rewarding and important.

Q: You’ve overslept, and you only have 10 minutes to put on makeup. What do you do?
A: I roll over and go back to bed! Hahaha just kidding! I make sure my skin is exfoliated then I use a tinted moisturizer, style my brows, use a tinted lip balm, some mascara and fly out the door with coffee or tea in hand.


Photographer: Kenneth Benjamin Reed

Q: What tips do you have for aspiring makeup artists?
A: Keep practicing and continue to educate your self about all of the forever evolving products tools and techniques. Be confident in your self and your work, learn from your mistakes and stay positive.

Get in Touch with Mila Grass

Websiite: www.milartistry.com

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