IMATS NY 2012: Susan Joy Hand-Made Makeup Brushes

Needless to say, there was a lot to take in at IMATS, especially for my first time. But one humble little booth that really caught my eye this weekend was Susan Joy Design. These one-of-a-kind hand-made brushes are just so beautiful! Sadly due to a limited budget, and other reasons that I’ll talk about at the end of this post, I didn’t actually buy anything from Susan Joy; but, I just thought it was worth mentioning in a separate post from the rest of my IMATS coverage.

Here are some photos:

While I was snapping the shots you see above, one of the representatives at the booth came up to talk to me about Susan Joy Design’s recent article in Delta Sky Magazine – oddly enough, I actually vaguely remembered giving it a somewhat cursory glance while I was flying to Houston last month to visit my family.

What I thought was really cute were these tiny makeup-brush earrings – Talk about multifunctional use! They’re both super adorable AND great little brushes for eyeshadow, especially for mid-day touch ups.

Most of her brushes are made of natural hair – the earrings are made of pony hair, and some of her other hand-made brushes are made of goat hair – but she also sells synthetic brushes, such as her mixed-use Duo Brush for blush, foundation, and powder.

Another product that caught my eye was this great shaving razor. Immediately when I saw it, I just thought “What a great way to make what usually is kind of a gross day-to-day grooming task into something fun and kind of cool!” If you couldn’t already tell – I’m all about fun. The man that talked to me actually said that it gave him a much closer shave than other popular razors being sold in stores.

Prices range between $20 and $100, which I think for a unique hand-made product is totally reasonable.

I really wanted to pick up a pair of earrings for Stela, since she’s a bit of a DIY guru herself (She has had her own Etsy shop where she sold custom made jewelry), but I’m going to wait for her birthday and order a pair online because, I’d rather pay the full price of $32, and I’ll tell you why:

For some reason I found myself totally endeared towards Susan and her little booth at IMATS. Maybe it was how nice everyone at the booth was to me, or maybe I just appreciate the craftsmanship as a fellow creative. Then, after I did a little research, I came across her website and read about how she started her business, and I was totally sold.

Susan Provda started out as an artist working in the corporate world (just like me!) who decided to “re-establish her previous business in contemporary crafts.” After one of her friends was diagnosed with cancer – something that hits very close to home for me – Susan wanted to do something special for her. So she designed a cosmetic brush that says “believe”,  “faith”, “strength” and “focus,” so that every day when her friend put on her makeup, she would be reminded and empowered to keep fighting and stay focused on a brighter future. Since then, Susan Joy Design has donated to several charities – in fact, 10% of the money you spend on her beautiful designs will be donated to your choice of one of the following causes:

  •  Save the Ta-Tas for Breast Cancer
  •  MS
  •  Pet Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah
  •  Red Cross
  •  American Heart Association

” Therefore, when you use my art you will know that you’ve made a difference in somebody’s life.  “

I didn’t want to come back and buy anything from her booth at a discount, because I really think that she deserves the full retail price and I also think that if you’re reading this and you want to make a difference in some small way,  she deserves YOUR business. So, head down to her website and buy one her beautiful hand-made designs!

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  • Lisa Brown

    April 25, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    I have never seen such ornate and unique makeup brushes ever. The makeup brushes earring are darling! I couldn't resist. I had to take a […] Read MoreI have never seen such ornate and unique makeup brushes ever. The makeup brushes earring are darling! I couldn't resist. I had to take a look at her her web site. I adore her Pewter Brush Ferrell with Tree Branch Handle. So earthy looking, and it even comes with a perter hook to hang it on. I think every woman should own at least one of theses hand-make and one-of-a-kind brushes! Read Less

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