African Black Soap

If you’ve followed my posts, you know that I’ve been battling adult-acne for years. I always seem to think I’ve found THE product to rid me of my acne-woes, but it’s usually pretty short-lived. This time – THIS time – I’ve found it: African Black Soap.

What is African Black Soap?

African black soap is made of cocoa pods ash, plantain skin ashes, shea butter, and palm oil. It is used to clear acne and eczema, reduce fine lines, and even skin tone. It is 100% natural and is the only soap in the world that is made without lye. It can look different depending on where you get it – for instance, when I first got a sample from a friend, she had just given me a small chunk of it, and it looked brown and crumbly. I was a little grossed out at first, but after using it the first time, I could instantly see how smooth and clean my skin felt.

Where can you get African Black Soap?

You can get black soap from a variety of places – they sell it on Amazon and it looks very much like how I mentioned earlier – brown and crumbly – but they usually sell massive amounts of it for pretty cheap. Currently, I’m using a brand called SheaMoisture African Black Soap, which you can find in most drugstores for $4.99.

The Results

I use my black soap in place of my cleanser during my morning and night routines by massaging it into my skin – it’s a great exfoliator if you use it directly on your skin, so I usually chop it up into smaller pieces. I’ve been using it for the last year, and the acne scars that have plagued my life since my early twenties are almost complete gone. I rarely have breakouts unless it’s that time of the month, and even those don’t last half as long as they used to. I’ve heard from some people that it can be quite drying unless you use moisturizer afterwards.

SheaMoisture SheaMoisture African Black Soap Affiliate

SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap with Shea Butter is designed to cleanse, hydrate and calm problem skin. Helps to balance oily skin for clearer complexions. Use daily.

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