• Getting my life together

    I have to say, it feels pretty good to have such an awesome response to such a personal post, so I want to thank you readers for your kinds words on my Part 1 post, Where My Life Went Wrong. It really gives me the confidence to open up more on this blog, and share part of my life with you…

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  • How To: Vintage Nail Art

    There’s something about vintage that’s beautiful. Maybe it’s because they always looks like they have a story to tell? Or that it has such a timeless feel to it? We… Read More

  • Where my life went wrong

    This is a deviation from our regular posts on myCosmeticBag, but I have been wanting to write more about our personal lives as well as other topics outside of beauty;… Read More

  • Redken Diamond Oil: Enter to win!

    I just received this press release from Redken about their new Diamond Oil haircare line, and I am uber-excited to try the product. My hair is so damaged from all that I put it through over the years, and I really don't want to have to trim too much of it because I'm trying to see if it will grow past the length it's been for the past few years. Next time I hit up Ulta, I'm going to pick up a few of these products to review, so stay tuned. Read More

  • 5 Tips to Avoid the Makeup Meltdown

    We all dread our makeup wearing off or having raccoon eyes after sweating in the heat. This change of seasons calls for a change in makeup regimens. Summer is here… Read More

  • How to: Geek Chic Nail Art

    It’s time to let your inner geek out! We are excited to share this super adorable nail art with you! And it’s easy to do with the help of our step… Read More

  • Tarte’s “Aqualillies” Palette Review

    “Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on; some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on; some like it hot, but you can’t… Read More

  • The Great Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle

    The roaring 20's was the epitome of glam and glitz. Everything down to the shoes and makeup was elegant and polished. This step-by-step hair tutorial is for you ladies who are going to a Gatsby themed party or just love this look in general. I hope you enjoy! And definitely watch The Great Gatsby in theaters to see the 20's style come alive! Read More

  • Madly in Love with NARS Madly Blush

    I have been a major NARS kick the last couple weeks (see my recent NARS haul), and one of my favorite products I recently purchased is a blush called Madly. This blush is a soft and warm pinky brown with a very subtle peach shimmer. I don't normally like to wear shimmer on my cheeks, but its so barely noticeable in Madly, that it just gives you a subtle sheen in certain lights. It has a very silky-smooth texture when applied to the skin. Read More

  • 10 Essential Beauty Products for Travel

    Swimming, tanning, traveling and relaxing? That’s what summer is all about! But with the summer heat you have to remember to protect your skin. I have been traveling to different… Read More

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

    Urban Decay’s best selling Naked and Naked 2 have really given neutral a new meaning! And it doesn’t stop there… Urban Decay reinvented the Naked palettes into a smaller version… Read More