Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Nail Colour

Betsey Johnson has designed a really bright hot pink nail lacquer for spring, with a fun factor that isn’t limited just to its shade — it’s scented, too!

I’m talking about the Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Nail Colour, which couldn’t get any closer to the feminine, playful edge that the Betsey Johnson brand injects into pretty much everything it touches.

So you’re probably wondering whether it really smells like perfume versus chemicals. I can report that during application and dry time, the perfume is strong and combines with the usual polish-y, chemical-y scent to produce a smell that’s a little overpowering.

This had me worried at first, but I realized I just just had to give it some time. After the nail color dried, not only did it look great, but I could smell more of the Betsey Johnson Too Too perfume, whose flirty, fruity and vanilla scent I already loved and less of the the actual polish chemicals. (By the way, if you too fall in love with the perfume, it’s $42 for 1 ounce and comes in the most adorable retro-rock-’n’-roll, tutu-wearing bottle …)

The perfume’s scent is strongest after application and then fades a little over time. But if change your color (or at least touch it up) about every week — or let’s be honest, every other day — then how long the fragrance lasts isn’t very important.

The Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Collection features six more attention-demanding shades in addition to the scented hot pink, including black grape, fuchsia, sea green, red, nude and a glittery silver. All seven shades (including the Too Too lacquer) are limited editions, retailing individually for $9.50 and available exclusively through Sephora.

There’s also a too-cute-to-boot set of six Betsey Johnson mini nail lacquers (another limited edition available exclusively through Sephora) for $24, featuring a bold yellow, a turquoisey-teal and other fun and fabulous colors.

The Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Nail Color collection can be purchased at Sephora.

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  • Stela Lai

    March 28, 2012 at 2:41 am

    I want to try this. I'm curious :)

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