Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure

Give your makeup bag a 2012 makeover with this multipurpose luminizerTarina Tarantino has been known for her innovative and eye popping jewelry and accessories; however, her makeup collection is slowly trying to steal the spotlight. With a new year comes the chance to reinvent ourselves. And a little makeup makeover may just be the easiest way. All it takes is a new outlook and one new product — and Tarina has just what we’re looking for.

Tarina Tarantino’s Sparklicity Pure is a multipurpose luminizer that adds shimmer to just about anywhere — be it your eyes, cheeks, face or lips. If ever there was a multi-purpose beauty product, this is it. It can serve as an eye shadow, highlighter, body shimmer and add shimmer to any lip color.

Adding the shimmer to your eyes is the simplest and most obvious option. For New Year’s I went with a silk dress after searching for the perfect sequin dress for months with no success. No sequins? Then obviously I needed some sparkle to liven up my look. This little shimmer added a much needed pop to my copper and pale pink eye shadow combo. Something to keep in mind: this is a shimmer, not a sparkle. However, different colors in the collection do have more shine than others. I tested Pure Gold which has a sheen finish; it’s perfect for adding a light shine to a matte shadow. For an Edward Cullen full-on shimmer, I’d recommend Pure Crystal or Pure Opal. Just remember, none of the luminizers in this collection create extravagant sparkle. You may have to stick with Hard Candy for that.

From left to right; Pure Opal, Pure Nude, Pure Gold, Pure Crystal, Pure Bronze

Moving above the lids, the luminizer, using the lighter shades, also works as a highlighter to accentuate the arch of the brow. This is where I usually coat the luminizer. It blends perfectly, eliminating the line between the shadow and the brow.

The luminizer can also be used as a highlighter when added to the cheeks. No longer do we have to envy Minka Kelly for her perfect bone structure. Use either your finger or powder brush to dab the luminizer just above your cheekbones to accent high cheekbones. The light application smoothly blends into foundation or powder.

And when used on to the body, the luminizer can serve as a body shimmer.  Its shimmer creates definition without the fifth grader body sparkle effect.

The last use is on the lips. I usually stick to simple lip glosses that add a light hint of color and a slight shine. Adding this luminizer to the lips creates a shimmery gloss to an otherwise matte or slight shine. Also depending on the color luminizer you choose, it can switch up the gloss color. Who doesn’t love recreating products they already have in the medicine cabinet?

Other great products by Tarina Tarantino worth checking out for the new year include Eye Dream Hyperliner ($15, sephora.com) and Pearl Glow Primer  ($32, sephora.com). Both have become must-haves in my daily beauty regimen.

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure; $17, sephora.com

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