My 2013 Beauty Resolution: Get More Beauty Sleep!

We’ve all heard the expression “You better get your beauty sleep,” or something along those lines, but have you ever really thought about what it means for your overall beauty to get a good night’s rest? Unfortunately, I am a bit of a night-owl, as I do most of my work in the evening and well into the wee hours of the morning. I don’t really know why it is, but I find that I just work more efficiently at night. The downside of this, other than being perpetually tired during the day, is that I’m not getting enough beauty sleep! My skin has lost its luster, I’m constantly battling blemishes, and it just takes a lot longer for my skin to clear up after a breakout than it normally should. This year, I’m planning to change that!

When you sleep, your body naturally goes into replenishes itself by growing new skin cells to replace older cells. Your skin cells need to be repaired constantly in order to battle the damage of free radicals in the environment that you encounter during the day. Not getting enough sleep can also cause your blood vessels to dilate, giving you those dark circles that make you look so tired. This is also why it’s important to have a night-time skin regime to give your skin the extra boost of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that it needs.

Beauty sleep isn’t just about taking naps, but actually having a regular sleep cycle that your body can get used to. It uses your regular bed time to start all the skin repair we’ve just talked about as well as other hormonal and metabolic changes needed to keep you healthy. 7-8 hours of sleep is what’s usually recommended to stay healthy and beautiful. You might think that getting even more sleep, like 10-11 hours would benefit you even more,  but you’d be wrong. Getting too much sleep can also be bad for you because it causes your skin to increase skin breakdown. As with most things in life, its all about maintaining a balance.

Since I’m posting this at 2AM, you could say I’m not off to a great start, but rest assured (heh heh) I’ll get better eventually!

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