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My obsession for the past few years has been Asian cosmetics.  I think it has to do with my exposure to Korean dramas and Japanese magazines. I have always found it challenging to do makeup for hooded, almond-shaped eyes so I’ve always wanted to improve my techniques. In my search to better myself, I came across Kate, a Japanese brand by Kanebo.

I purchased my first Kate Gradical Eyes A Eyeshadow in PK-1 and BR-1. I had always heard that Japanese products come in small packages, but it did not occur to me that the same theory applied to cosmetic products.  I was very disappointed with the container size when it arrived because it is the same size as a typical drug-store brand eyeshadow palette, and for the $20 I paid for it, I expected more.

The package came with instructions on how best to apply the eyeshadow.  When I first applied it, I was concerned whether the lighter shade would show up on my medium toned skin, but I could not be more wrong.  It is highly pigmented, so one stroke of the shadow is plenty per eye. One aspect I found odd at first was that are that all the shades are shimmery. I thought it would be too much shimmer on the eyes for my taste.  However, after applying it, I absolutely loved it!  To my surprise, the shimmery eyeshadow of the BR-1 palette has become my go-to eyeshadow for that refreshing, natural, and understated look.

During my research, I found that there were different techniques for applying eyeshadow to hooded almond  shape eyes, compared to deep set eyes.  This may sound odd but when I used Kate’s eyeshadow, I prefer to use what I call the “Asian” eye makeup technique.  I did try my more typical eye makeup technique with emphasis on contouring using Kate’s Gradical palette, but it didn’t quite look right to me because of all the shimmer. I’ll go over all the different techniques I have learned during my research in a future post.

Even though I was unhappy with the compact size, I found that because it is highly pigmented, a little goes a long way… so the product does last for a couple of months.  I find myself selecting this palette for those who don’t like dark eye makeup, which also makes it perfect for teens. But, I also think the palette works better on individuals with lighter skin.

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  • Christina Pham

    October 22, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    I need to start wearing colors again, I've just been wearing brown all year!

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