Naked 2…worth it for you?

Urban Decay proclaims their Naked 2 eyeshadow palette is “The most anticipated sequel of the decade!”

I bought into the hoopla of Naked 1, and I have been really pleased with my purchase.  Naked 1 is a great mix of matte and shimmer in a good range of earth tones that work well for a lot of different faces.  It’s my go to palette any time I have a bride who wants a beachy, bronzy, yet natural look.  When I worked with The Insider’s Debbie Matenopolis this week and she requested a smoky eye look in earth tones, Naked 1 did the trick!  She loved Half Baked and Smog and they colors really made her eyes pop without looking overdone.

After getting so much mileage out of Naked 1, I was really looking forward to see what Naked 2 would add to my kit and range of shadows.  The palette offers 12 shades, 5 of them new. The shades aren’t that different than Naked 1.  The shades in Naked 2 tend to be a little lighter than the ones in Naked 1, but side by side, there are very few differences.  Definitely not different enough to warrant carrying Naked 1 and 2 in my kit. I sampled both palettes  on my hand and had to very carefully label the photos so I would know the difference!  In fact, my go to shade in Naked 1, Half Baked, also makes an encore in Naked 2!  If Urban Decay eventually discontinues Naked 1,  Naked 2 would be a suitable replacement.  I understand there’s only so many shades of neutral and naked that you can do, but I was really hoping for enough of a difference to make me feel good about a $50 addition to my kit.

Many brands right now are offering other options to these wildly popular palettes, so if you already have Naked 1 and you’re looking to invest in a new palette, you might want to consider one of these instead of Naked 2.  Even the Urban Decay Book of Shadows (even though it does repeat Naked 1’s Sin and Gunmetal) gives a better shade range.  Stila’s In The Garden Palette offers more pinks, purples, and blues.  Too Faced is offering some great neutral palettes, The Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, The Natural At Night Sexy & Sultry Neutral Eye Shadow Collection which amps up the neutral, and a new Matte Eye Shadow  palette which is all matte shadows with pinks and purples as well.  Although these palettes offer less shades than the Naked Palettes, they are also less money.

Only you can decide what which Naked Palette, if any, is right for you.  If you’re looking to add a palette to the Naked you already have, check out what other brands offer to add more variety to makeup kit.

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