Egon Schiele Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation

I have been on the lookout for a new powder, and luckily, Egon Schiele was generous enough to send me some of their Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation, in Edith Nude, to try. I have been totally slacking on getting this review up, but mostly because I wanted to keep trying the product over time, because I have a tendency to fall out of love with products quickly. That is not the case with this Egon Schiele Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation, because it’s still in my purse today!

I found that Nude was a pretty great match for my skin tone – a wee bit lighter than my natural color, which is actually what I prefer. In the pictures above, I swatched the powder on the back of my hand, which is actually a lot darker than the color of my face. Since I bronze and contour a lot, it all balances out in the end. If you read my recent review, you’ll know that I have been using my Dermablend products pretty religiously ever since I got them. But one thing about the white setting powder is that it can make the color of the foundation a bit pale. So, my Egon Schiele Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation is the perfect powder to dust over everything so that I still have some color; especially in certain lights. It has a great silky finish, and doesn’t look chalky or unnatural.  Since my family has been in town, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with them, I’ve also been using my Egon Schiele powder to blot after a long day in the sun, and I love how it just freshens up my look.

As far as staying power goes, I found that I could wear this over other products, such as my tinted sunscreen from Tizo, and remain looking porcelain for up to 5-6 hours before having to touch up. I have noticed with other powders that they can make your creases and imperfections look even more defined, but this is not the case with my Egon Schiele Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation.

Another feature that I love about this product is the ginormous mirror that it comes with. I probably use the mirror about once an hour, because – let’s be honest – I’m pretty vain. The packaging is very similar to my Egon Schiele Eyeshadow that I got a couple months ago, and I’m a big fan.

Egon Schiele Mineral Powder Pressed Foundation is available on their website, for $37, and comes in a range of shades. I was surprised to see such dark colors, like Edith Coffee, so if you’re a woman of color, then you should definitely try it out!


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