• Kevin Murphy Shimmer Bug Hair Shadow

    Every spring/summer, I struggle with the decision of whether or not I should lighten my hair – I always love the idea, but can’t deal with the extra maintenance and the damage it might do to my hair. Enter, Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Bug Hair Shadow, which is basically like hair chalk but is meant to add a subtle shimmery lightening affect…

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  • Organix Nourishing Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist and Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

    I’ve passed by this brand plenty of times at the drugstore, but since I’ve had a lot of success with my Moroccan Oil products, I just never had a reason… Read More

  • My New Haircut

    Well, I cut my bangs on a whim on Lunar New Year’s Day, so maybe that means I’ll go through some major changes this year! It seems like I cut… Read More

  • How To: Fishtail Braid with Redken

    TGIF! I am ready for the weekend and I have an easy hair tutorial to share with you guys today! This easy tousled fishtail braid is no muss, no fuss… Read More

  • 6 Hair Myths Revealed

    Throughout my whole life I have heard tips and tricks about what’s best for your hair, but is it really true? My friends and family aren’t exactly hair experts, so… Read More

  • “Free Of” Beauty Tips

    After reading this post, you will want to rethink about some products that you’re using right now. Why? Because I am here to inform you about those harmful chemicals that… Read More

  • Redken Diamond Oil: Enter to win!

    I just received this press release from Redken about their new Diamond Oil haircare line, and I am uber-excited to try the product. My hair is so damaged from all that I put it through over the years, and I really don't want to have to trim too much of it because I'm trying to see if it will grow past the length it's been for the past few years. Next time I hit up Ulta, I'm going to pick up a few of these products to review, so stay tuned. Read More

  • The Great Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle

    The roaring 20's was the epitome of glam and glitz. Everything down to the shoes and makeup was elegant and polished. This step-by-step hair tutorial is for you ladies who are going to a Gatsby themed party or just love this look in general. I hope you enjoy! And definitely watch The Great Gatsby in theaters to see the 20's style come alive! Read More

  • I hate my haircut

    Since this is a blog, I’m going to take some time out from reviews and FOTDs to whine about the fact that I hate my haircut. I know it’s just… Read More

  • Damaged Tresses? How To Save Your Hair’s Life

    Have you just bleached your hair?  Or dyed it several times?  Or maybe even gotten it chemically straightened or permed?  Well friend what you need is some protein.  And no… Read More

  • Blonde But Brassy?

    So you’ve dyed your hair blonde and now you’re left with a yellowish, brassy mess. You’re freaking out, don’t know what to do, but also don’t want to drop a… Read More