5 Questions To Ask Your Hair Stylist

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my friends or other girls come home from the hair salon unsatisfied with their new ‘dos. Hell, it’s happened to me plenty of times. Often times, despite what most women would like to think, it’s not even the stylist’s fault. The stylist tries to give you what you want, but sometimes you just don’t know what that is – or you think you know, but you don’t. The stylist isn’t just there to give you other peoples haircuts that you’ve seen in magazines or TV. They’re professionals in their industry, and most people don’t ask them for their professional opinions. That’s where it all goes down hill. So before you rip that page out of your magazine and go running to their hair salon, read these five questions that could help prevent a hair-don’t.

1. Will this haircut look good with the shape of my face?

Seems like an obvious question to ask, but most women go to the salon telling their stylist what they want without actually getting their opinion. I’ve done it a number of times without even realizing it… I see a pretty haircut on TV and I think it’ll just look awesome on me. Well I don’t have the cheekbones some girls have, and my face is rather round (even when I drop the extra weight). So most hairstyles I see in magazines and on tv will not actually look good on me.

2. How should I style my new hairstyle?

A few years ago, I was dating this guy who really liked short hair on girls. At the time, everyone wanted Rihanna’s asymmetrical bob. I figured that if anything, it would be easier to take care of while it was short. I couldn’t have been more wrong! When you have short hair, you really only have two options for styling it… curly/wavy, or straight. It’s obviously too short to tie up, and my hair isn’t naturally pin-straight, so I had to straighten it with a flat iron every day. Taking the flat iron to it every morning not only damaged my hair beyond repair, but it took a huge chunk of time in the morning. It took me forever to grow my hair back out – Every time it got to that awkward in-between length, I wanted to cut it again… when I felt the ends were too fried, I had to trim them… If only I had asked my stylist, I would have avoided short hair at all costs! Now, two years later, it’s finally the length I want. And because it’s so long, I barely have to style it in the morning! My hair could look like something died in it, and people would think I did it on purpose. Ask your stylist how to style your hair, what products and tools you’ll need, and if you’ll need to style it every day. Sure, you could walk out of the salon with red-carpet ready hair, but will you be able to duplicate the look at home?

3. Will this hair color flatter my skin tone?

I think we all go through that time where we want that platinum blonde hair. With my tan complexion, blonde hair actually looks terrible on me… especially when the color would fade to that ugly brassy color it always does… but I wanted it anyway! And maybe you asked around to your friends what they thought of your blonde hair, and of course they told you what you wanted to hear… “It looks great!” Well a hair stylist will always be honest with you, and sometimes hearing it from a professional is what you need to steer you away from looking ridiculous.

4. How long have you been doing hair?

(Getting to know your stylist)

This might seem contradictory to what I’ve been saying about trusting your stylist… but a stylist also needs to earn your trust. I went through about four stylists before I found someone I like, and they’ve been doing hair for a really long time. I’ve also gotten my hair cut by junior stylists, and I always walked away unsatisfied but too polite to say anything. You’re entitled to feel comfortable with the person who’s cutting your hair, and if asking them how long they’ve been in the business will give you that comfort, then ask away! You could also ask them if they keep up with current trends and techniques, if they went to beauty school… anything to get a feel for how pro your stylist actually is.

5. How short will my haircut actually be?

It seems like no matter how many times I’ve asked my stylist to cut “an inch” off my hair, I always go home with a shorter cut than I wanted. Ask them how short the shortest and longest layer will be, and have them show you before they start hacking away at your hair. Hell, make them show you twice! And don’t be afraid to say something while they’re cutting, if you think they’re cutting too much!

The number one point of this post is to make sure you are comfortable with the decision you and your stylist are making before they get started, and make sure you get their opinion. And before you complain about your stylist, remember that it takes two to tango!

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