My big move to Texas

So, as kind of a change of pace, I wanted to write something about my personal life to share with you gals. I’d really like our readers to get to know us, not only as beauty bloggers, but as every-day girls with every-day lives. Tonight, I’m writing about a huge change in my life that was made – literally, overnight. As you can probably deduce from the post title, I moved to Texas. It was very sudden. After talking to my mother about it a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning – it was her idea, and she called me at around 8am to sell me on it – I told her I needed some time to think about it. It was very early and I hadn’t gotten in until 4am the previous night, because I was at the Spirit of Boston All-White party with my good friend.

After I hung up the phone, several things started happening that made it seem like a great idea to move back home for a while to regroup and save up some money. The previous week, I had been talking to Anisha about possibly moving to San Francisco. We were excited about maybe getting an apartment together! But it’s not very cheap to move cross country by yourself, and I’d have to find a job there first. I’m not going to go into why I felt I had to move from Boston because it has to do with my job, and I still work for them, for now. I’ll just say that it would take some serious convincing to get me to work for another start-up company after what I’ve been through the past couple of months. So, after a drama-filled morning, I called my mother back and I told her I thought it was a good idea and we should do it. She said “Great, I’ll book a plane ticket for your father to come help you move.”

I’m thinking that she’ll call me back in a few hours and propose some different flight dates, and that I’d be packed and ready to move within the month… but that’s not how it happened at all. Within ten minutes, I received an email confirmation that my mother had forwarded to me, for a flight they booked the next day! I picked my dad up in the morning and we spent a few days packing. By Friday night we started our 30-hour drive to Texas.


The only thing I can really say about Houston is that it’s hot. And big. And kind of boring, so far. I mean, sure, I guess I haven’t really done much exploring since my arrival. I’ve been busy settling in and I’ve had a lot of work to do too. I was going to go to the Houston Fashion Bloggers discussion meet-up but I totally forgot about it. Actually, I’m not even sure what day it is right now. I’ve kind of been in my own world. It has been great being with family again though. I was kind of nervous about it because no one ever really wants to move back home with their family, but it hasn’t been bad at all. I spend a lot of time with my sister – now that I’m older, we have a lot more to talk about and we’re not at each other throats all the time – yet. My nephew is as adorable as ever and I love being around him all day.

The most exciting thing is that my dad is building me a HUGE walk-in closet for my room. I moved into the bonus-room upstairs, which is fairly large. There’s built in storage along one wall – not the kind that are like shelves, but the kind that’s sort of like hidden crawl space along the wall. I’m planning to keep my shoes in there after the rest of the room is renovated. I am having a lot of fun picking out colors and decor for my new room. I’ll take pictures when everything’s done. For now here’s a picture of my new workspace!


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    I love the menil collection...lots of surrealism to view. Also if you love films, I became a member at the mfah. Hope this helps!

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