DIY Lip and Cheek Stain Made from Beets

The onset of spring and summer calls for one of my favorite looks: barely there makeup that gives you a flush of color without trying too hard. One of my secret weapons? Lip and cheek stain, which I love because it’s so multifunctional and can create a very natural look.

Of course, there are tons of these on the market to experiment with, but did you know you can make your own using beets? That’s right, beets — the coloring of which is somehow flattering on every complexion. Here’s how you can make the most of these deeply colored root vegetables …

Things you will need:

  • 1 large beet, or 2 small beets
  • coconut oil (the raw, organic kind would be best for your skin!)
  • beeswax (vegetable glycerin or lanolin are other options)
  • grater
  • double boiler (a metal/glass bowl and a pot will also work)
  • funnel or mesh cloth
  • container (a small glass jar with a lid, or an old lip gloss/stain container would work great)

Note that I don’t provide precise measurements for the ingredients. This is because the finished product’s consistency is totally up to you depending on how thick or thin you want it to be. I’ve provided some suggestions in the recipe below based on what I like to go off of, but feel free to experiment so that you find a consistency you like. Have fun with it!


  1. Peel and cut the beets into cubes. You want them to be small enough that they will boil easily, but big enough that they can be easily funneled or strained later.
  2. Grate some of the beeswax (1-2 tablespoons) and add it, along with the coconut oil (start with a teaspoon), to the double boiler. (Or place inside the bowl and place the bowl in a pot filled with about 1 cup of water.) Turn the stovetop to low so that the beeswax melts and the mixtures becomes warm. (Do not let it burn!)
  3. Add the beets to the oily mixture and allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir it occasionally, making sure it doesn’t boil over or burn.
  4. After the 15-20 minutes are up, turn off the heat. You will need to add the mixture to its container while it’s still warm. You can do this either by pouring it through a funnel (this is why it’s important that the beet chunks aren’t too small!), or through a fine mesh cloth. Use extreme caution in this step so that you don’t burn yourself or end up staining everything around you!
  5. Seal container and let it cool before you use it. That’s it!

This is a fun little project for a weekend when you’re feeling extra experimental with your makeup. And the best part is, the concoction is totally customizable.

Remember that the exact ingredients and the amounts you use will affect the stain’s consistency (even certain beets are darker than others). For example, once the beeswax cools, it will firm up again, which means if you add a significant amount you’ll end up with a finished product with a little more substance. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a liquid stain, I’d nix the beeswax and go with vegetable glycerin instead.

Also, finding the right container can sometimes make all the difference. If your stain is more on the fluid side, an old rollerball lip gloss container is perfect. If you go for a thicker stain, an old lip gloss pot works great.

Have fun experimenting!

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  • Anisha Le-Great Giri

    April 10, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I'm tempted to try this, but I'm so tragic at anything DIY that I'm slightly scurred. D:!

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