IMATS NYC 2012: Beautiful People

My favorite thing about IMATS was all the awesome makeup art being showcased on all these beautiful models. I made sure to take a ton of pictures, but here I’ll share some of my favorites. There’s also a ton of photos uploaded on our Facebook Page.

Royal and Langnickel

John Vargas did some amazing work on Saturday and Sunday at IMATS. Models Mallory Butcher and Lisa Greenberg definitely brought their A-game too. I had a bit of a girl-crush on Mallory from Day 1 (The one with the umbrella).

Make Up For Ever Academy

The MUFE artists were doing amazing things at their booth too. I love how the models kind of look like modern super heroines!

Keynote Speaker, Kabuki, Extreme Glamour Demonstration

Watching one of the most influential and avante garde makeup artists in the world was a great privilege for me. I may not be a makeup artist, but I do work in the creative industry and I can appreciate a master at work. I was sitting kind of far back, and I’m rather short, so I had to hold my camera up over my head to try and take these pics, but it was so worth it because you can sort of see his work in progress.

Student Competitions

These pics are from both Saturday and Sunday’s competitions. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a few of the competitors at the Afterglow party that IMATS hosted at the AVA lounge, including Alizee Brouillet, Una Jo and Kunkuma Drucker – all of whom I’ll be interviewing in the upcoming weeks for our What’s In My Bag? series.

Face Off‘s Sue Wong for Bling Collection

The amazing and beautiful Sue Wong from SyFy’s Face Off was there creating a total masterpiece. I asked how long it had taken, and she said pretty much the entire day. “I like to take my sweet time when I’m not on Face Off”

More Photos From IMATS NY 2012

Here are some more photos from Vancouver Film School and Mehron Cosmetics, among other booths. One of my favorites was the total Buffy vamp looking one, since I’m a huge fan of anything from Joss Whedon.

Oh and here’s a pic  I took of the lovely ladies from Sugarpill. I managed to say hi to them and mention myCosmeticBag. I was surprised and delighted to learn that they actually remembered us from the amazing Sugarpill FOTDs that Anisha has been doing and Shrinkle even complimented Anisha on her talent! I called Anisha right away, and she flipped out, of course.


Oh, and look who I ran into! Yisell Santos, one of our featured makeup artists from a couple weeks ago! Apparently I was loitering right in front of her while she was working the Yaby booth on Saturday, and then later that night I saw her tweet that she was there, so when I came back on Sunday, I made sure to say hi. She was a pleasure to meet!

In the first photo you can see me clearly hanging around the Yaby booth, contemplating a purchase on Saturday hahaha.


Oh, and can I just say… Mmmm…

Make sure to check out our Facebook Page for more photos from IMATS NY 2012. I’ll be posting part 2 of IMATS Makeup Galore! over the weekend, but in the meantime, watch my vlog where I do my IMATS haul along with some mini-reviews!

Christina Pham Christina Pham

Chrissy is a programmer and web designer based in Houston, Texas with a passion for beauty and cosmetics. mySQL book in one hand and mascara wand in the other, she writes about her experience as a beauty and fashion-crazed material girl living in a world of ones and zeros.

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